Due to the COVID-19 virus we are limiting visitors to the office.  Please feel free to call our number and we will be happy to assist you.  The Dacotah Recovery Center will also be closed during this time but will be making telephone contacts to their members .

We are always looking for furnishing for our facilities and our independent living apartments.  If you can help us with this please contact

Hannah at 701-223-4517 Ext. 126 in Bismarck
Kandia   at 701-364-0743 Ext. 3     in Fargo

Successful and/or Historical Figures with Mental Illness

People First Language

600 South 2nd Street                        112 N. University  Dr.
Suite 308                                                       Suite 275
Bismarck, ND  58504                           Fargo, ND  58102-3516
701-223-4517                                              701-364-0743